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2024 Speaker Workshops PowerPoint Presentations

Terry Hickey / Healing with Herbal Remedies

Dayempur Herbals, General Manager and Founder of WHN

Terry Hickey is the General Manager of Dayempur Herbals, a regional business located in Carbondale, IL that handcrafts all-natural herbal supplements and personal care products. Terry has been involved in organic farming and sustainable living for over 25 years. She is active in providing educational workshops on herbal medicine and natural healthcare and is the founder of Women's Health Naturally Expo & Workshops. Terry is a strong advocate for natural healthcare practices and loves to share her belief in and experience with nature's healing power

Dr. Abbie Ballard / When Good Glands Go Bad:

   Understanding Thyroid Dysfunction

        Chiropractic Care and Functional Nutrition

Dr. Abbie Ballard has completed 200 hours in pediatrics to become a Certified Pediatric Chiropractor. Dr. Ballard also completed her certification in Functional Medicine, board eligible through the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, and is pursing additional education in Functional Immunology to better help patients with autoimmune disease

Laura Hill / Curious About Holistic Nutrition?

      Learn How Nutrition Impacts Entire Well-Being

   Naturopathic and Functional Medicine

Laura Hill can help to educate people wanting a complete lifestyle change to become healthier and body aware through healthful foods, supplements, label reading and much more. Learn how nutrition impacts a person's entire well-being!

Tria Milo / Stress and the Mind: A Homeopathic Approach

Classical Homeopath

Tria Milo is a Classical Homeopath, working with families and children for 30 years. Tria also teaches homeopathy to those who want to learn this safe and effective healing support. she also offers specific training for other practitioners. in this presentation, Tria will discuss the effects of stress on health, uncover ways our thoughts and beliefs contribute to stress and offer tools that can help reduce the experience of stressing our daily lives. 

Dr. Terry Harmon / The Truth About Cancer

     Functional Medicine and Chiropractor

     Founder of Chi Rho Health

Dr. Terry Harmon has been a part of a global documentary and health movement to reduce cancer rates and improve cancer outcomes. His specialty is in autonomic nervous system evaluation, health and healing, along with the role of our mitochondria in cancer prevention and reversal. Dr. Harmon's presentation will focus on the most up-to-date information pertaining to cancer as it relates to lifestyle and functional medicine testing. 

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